Sunday, November 30, 2008

News - Travel insurance fraud ‘common’

Source: News - Travel insurance fraud ‘common’ Nearly eight million access america travel insurance have tried to make a bogus claim on their travel insurance, a survey has found.

Critical Unwellness Insurance The Non-Disclosure Problem

If you’re in a poor position of with to produce the claim on your critical malady policy, the last thing you need is insensitive hassle or apparent not co-operation from either your underwriter.

Travel Health Insurance – Perfect for Your Travel Needs

Whether you are taking a short-time trip within your home country or planning to go overseas or even deciding on relocating internationally, travel health insurance policies provide health insurance that will fit individual’s health ...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Small Business Insurance

I am thinking about starting a side business of automotive repair and restoration.

Alternative to (most) health Insurance

For those of us in the work force, how much are we paying for health insurance? Currently, I pay $486.95 a month, plus $62.05 for dental insurance. Ridiculous? I'll say. Especially when that covers only me. April's not included.

Insurance and Credit Scores

What’s my credit got to do with it? A lot, unfortunately (or fortunately if you have good credit).

Insurance for unlocked iphone in UK?

Probably a ridiculous question, but has anyone inquired about insurance for an unlocked (DIY) iphone?